Julius Caesar and Leap Days

Today, February 29th, is a leap day – a relatively rare occurrence. In 46 BC, Julius Caesar, featured here in a self-decreed minted coin, created a calendar system that added one leap day every four years. Acting on advice by Alexandrian astronomer Sosigenes, Caesar did this to make up for the fact that the Earth’s year is slightly more than 365 days. In modern terms, the time it takes for the Earth to circle the Sun is slightly more than the time it takes for the Earth to rotate 365 times (with respect to the Sun — actually we now know this takes about 365.24219 rotations). So, if calendar years contained 365 days they would drift from the actual year by about 1 day every 4 years. Eventually July (named posthumously for Julius Caesar himself) would occur during the northern hemisphere winter! By adopting a leap year with an extra day every four years, the calendar year would drift much less. This Julian Calendar system was used until the year 1582 when Pope Gregory XIII provided further fine-tuning when he added that leap days should not occur in years ending in “00”, unless divisible by 400. This Gregorian Calendar system is the one in common use today. via NASA http://go.nasa.gov/1L0LBOV

Google Is Finally Selling VR Headsets Directly

Google’s Cardboard VR viewer is the cheapest way to get in on the virtual reality game, but up until now, they’ve only been sold by third parties (or given away en masse). If you’ve got a cheap, slightly abrasive Cardboard-faced hole on the front of your face, Google will now help fill it.

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The Morgan EV3 Is The All-Electric 3-Wheeler Of Future Past

The Morgan Motor Company, known for its vintage-looking wooden roadsters and 3-wheelers seeming like something straight out the First World War, has unveiled it’s all-electric EV3. The ultimate representation of the last century of motoring is finally here.

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Ski Jumping On a Ziplining Bungee Sounds Fundamentally Unsafe

Look, I’m sure a large team of well-trained ropework professionals have decided that ski jumping while attached to a bungee line, attached to a zipline, is a safe thing to do. But every single part of my brain involved with self-preservation is telling me it’s a bad idea.

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The Pentagon Is Unleashing Mass Cyberwarfare Strikes On ISIS

During a Pentagon press briefing today, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford said that the U.S. military will drastically accelerate attacks on ISIS where it may hurt them the most strategically: in cyberspace.

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Oh My God Everything About Marvel’s Poe Dameron Comic Sounds Amazing

: The X-Wing books were the best Star Wars books. Double fact
: The Rogue Squadron comics from Dark Horse were awesome. Unassailable triple fact: Poe Dameron is the best. Bearing all this in mind, we’re just a touch excited about Marvel’s upcoming Poe Dameron comic, which seems to be a spiritual successor to the Rogue Squadron tales.

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Biologists Turn Bacteria Into ‘Swarmbots’ 

We’re covered in bacteria every day. They help us digest our food and protect our skin, and they’re potentially a great medical tool—but only if we can control them. Scientists think they’ve taken the first step by engineering bacteria that can live in a swarm, but die when they try to escape individually to new areas.

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