Bug’s-Eye View

Zebras gather at the Mara River on the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. Your Shot member Manoj Shah, who submitted this photo, managed to capture a unique perspective of the herd. “This photo was taken by a special remote camera, developed so that it could be triggered from a distance. The camera was hidden where the zebras go to drink water and cross to the other side of the river … in a rocky place so that they would behave naturally, without any disturbance. The whole idea was to capture what an insect … would see when in the midst of the herd.”

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Moon over Makemake

Makemake, second brightest dwarf planet of the Kuiper belt, has a moon. Nicknamed MK2, Makemake’s moon reflects sunlight with a charcoal-dark surface, about 1,300 times fainter than its parent body. Still, it was spotted in Hubble Space Telescope observations intended to search for faint companions with the same technique used to find the small satellites of Pluto. Just as for Pluto and its satellites, further observations of Makemake and orbiting moon will measure the system’s mass and density and allow a broader understanding of the distant worlds. About 160 kilometers (100 miles) across compared to Makemake’s 1,400 kilometer diameter, MK2’s relative size and contrast are shown in this artist’s vision. An imagined scene of an unexplored frontier of the Solar System, it looks back from a spacecraft’s vantage as the dim Sun shines along the Milky Way. Of course, the Sun is over 50 times farther from Makemake than it is from planet Earth. via NASA http://go.nasa.gov/24ta0lE

New Set Photos From Star Wars Episode VIII Show Off Some Interesting Locations

The Daily Mail just posted up a whole bunch of new photos from the Star Wars Episode VIII’s filming location at Pinewood Studios, and they show off some interesting locations.

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Today, Kenya Is Torching 5% Of The World’s Stockpiled Ivory

Earlier today, Kenya set ablaze 105 tons of stockpiled ivory in a measure designed to discourage the poaching of elephants and rhinoceros in the country. The blaze is the biggest such blaze in history.

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Michigan Senate Bills Would Give Car Hackers Life In Prison

The FBI sent out a PSA just over a month ago warning us all about the risks of car hacking, but drivers in Michigan may not have to worry about that too much after all. If two new bills pass through the state’s Senate, hackers of electronic vehicle systems could face a sentence of up to life in prison.

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First U.S. Death Related to Zika Virus Reported

A Puerto Rican man in his 70s who died from complications of the Zika virus was the first case of his kind in the U.S., The New York Times first reported on Friday.

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