3D Lava Falls of Mars

Get out your red/cyan glasses and gaze across lava falls of Mars. The stereo anaglyph was created by combining two images recorded by the HiRISE camera onboard Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The multi-level falls were created as flowing lava breached sections of the northern rim of a 30-kilometer diameter martian crater, located in the western part of the Red Planet’s volcanic Tharsis region. As the molten lava cascaded down the crater wall and terraces to reach the crater floor it left the distinctly rough, fan-shaped flows on the steeper slopes. North is up and the breathtaking 3D view is 5 kilometers wide. via NASA http://ift.tt/2upJIny

Women Open Up To The New York Times About Silicon Valley’s Sexual Harassment Problem

The New York Times just dropped a lengthy and detailed report on Silicon Valley’s oft-rumored, rarely spoken about sexual harassment problem. More than two dozen women working in the technology industry spoke to the Times, following a report about a week ago in The Information about how venture capitalist Justin…

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Kick Back And Relax A Little With Amazon’s Twisted Root Hammock Sale

There’s really nothing better than lounging in a hammock when the weather’s nice, drink in hand. If you have the drink part down, but need the lounge, Amazon’s one-day sale on Twisted Root hammocks has you covered. Pick up practically any kind of hammock, plus, grab the accessories you need to kick your feet up.

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