New on 500px : How to Use Wings to See by shiggernackihoo by shiggernackihoo

As “Regarder pour Vivre, Douze”. Also see previous photos.
From top left to bottom right.

What was the bird doing?
The heron extended the wings slowly. That was different from the wing movements it shows when it attacks a prey. Moving wings slowly, it extended the long neck to the water surface, but not tried to catch something. Birds like a Black Heron (Egretta ardesiaca) are known to make a shadow on the water surface, by the wings, to decrease the reflection light that disturbs the birds to see inside the water. The other explanation for the wing movements is that the birds allure small fishes by their wing shadow. Or, it was still possible that the hereon could not skillfully catch the found fish and just gave up…

Handheld, manual focus, rather far, near the sunset… via Tumblr