New on 500px : Frozen Two Jack Lake by ryan_kole by ryan_kole

I took this at the start of my three days off this past week.

I started at Two Jack, made my way to Johnson Lake, hit up Vermillion Lakes and eventually headed to the Engine Bridge area.

It was a day well spent. via Tumblr


New on 500px : Faint Aurora at Vermillion Lakes by ryan_kole by ryan_kole

I took this last night around 9pm. Even that early I could still see green pillars dancing to the left of the dock at Vermillion Lakes.

It was fighting thick cloud cover and light pollution from the town. Had there been no clouds, I can only imagine what it would have looked like.

Where you see the green in this image… It look like a rainbow by the time I left. I could see green, red and yellow trying to poke out. This is the one downside to shooting fixed fisheye as I can’t zoom in but oh well… I have dubbed this one of my best of the night. At least it wasn’t a total bust. via Tumblr