New on 500px : Ready To Pounce by paulbarson by paulbarson

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New on 500px : The Black Throne “Svartifoss” by tontoxin by tontoxin

The black waterfall “Svartifoss”. It formed by cooling of Lava in Aerial condition (cooling in the air) that cause the recent structure look likes a long column called “Columnar Basalt” via Tumblr

New on 500px : Forest by benlanghorne by benlanghorne

This photo was taken on my trip to the Peak District a few weeks ago. It was a few wet, cold days in the outdoors which I thoroughly enjoyed. via Tumblr

New on 500px : Amidst The Darkness by tvurk by tvurk


New on 500px : Pano by FrankOlsen by FrankOlsen

Panoramic picture made of 9 vertical photos. This island on the northwest coast of Norway is perfect for night photo. Even there are some street lights in this one,turning 180 degrees, and there are no lightpollution. via Tumblr

New on 500px : Andromeda Galaxy (M31) by smashingshare by smashingshare

The Andromeda Galaxy also known as Messier 31, M31, or NGC 224, is a spiral galaxy approximately 780 kiloparsecs (2.5 million light-years) from Earth. It is the nearest major galaxy to the Milky Way.s via Tumblr

New on 500px : Dark Magic by martinpodt by martinpodt

Dark Magic, Lochem, the Netherlands.

2016 started with a foggy day. So a perfect start to made some moody photos. I did not have much time, so I went again to some of my favorite locations, same composition as before; not much thinking just doing… I hope you like it.

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