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Yehliu – Queen’s Head. | 野柳 – 女王頭
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Queen’s Head, one of the most famous scenes in Yehliu Geopark, New Taipei, Taiwan.
The so called “Queen’s Head” is in fact a kind of mushroom rock; It is formed due to the differential erosion caused by seawater during curst movement,
because the shape as formed after the top of rock being fallen apart in 1962~1963 appears like the side face of Queen Elizabeth.
Since it undertakes natural devastation, The narrowest part around it neck is about 138 cm now.
名稱 Name: Goodbye! Queen’s Head | 再見! 女王頭
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New edited photographed of our beautiful Tornado near Milnesand and Dora in New Mexico on May 29th 2015. An epic lifetime event…
(c) Marco Rank, via Tumblr