New on 500px : A night in the Prairies. by heringchristian by heringchristian

Last night earth’s magnetic field was affected by a partial-halo CME launched from Sunspot Region 2473 on Dec. 28th. The early affects were not as strong as expected and resulted in just active geomagnetic conditions. Nevertheless, I had a blast out there at -12°C and a considerable windchill. On one spot coyotes scared me away. But I also witnessed a fairly bright fireball around 11.20pm, this here was on my way back home just outside the Edmonton city limits. The moon was helping to illuminate the scenery. via Tumblr

New on 500px : Fireball in the skies by DennisEdmond by DennisEdmond

Morning view at the foggy fields, the sun just seems like a fireball in the sky.

Happy new year everyone! via Tumblr