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Northern Georgia mountains combine the perfect terrain, soil, drainage, and elevation necessary for our vineyards to produce wines that reveal this “sense of place,” or terroir, which separates our wines from those made in other geographically diverse regions. via Tumblr

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beautiful red foliage of wild grape against the evening sky via Tumblr

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Portugal – Alentejo, Montoito – Near Castelo de Valongo – Vineyards
Topographically, the countryside varies from the open rolling plains of the south of the Alentejo to the granite hills that border Spain in the North-East. To feed the water needs of this considerable area a number of public dams have been constructed, most notably the Alqueva Dam
The landscape is primarily one of soft rolling hills and plains, with conspicuous shrubs and the native cork oaks and holly/ holm oaks, the established olive trees and grapevines, plus some naturalized eucalyptus trees and some native trees. In the North, traditional economic activity may be more livestock-based as typified by cow, sheep, and pig (both white and black) farming. To the South agriculture may be more predominant
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New on 500px : In the land of grapes by ReinhardMittermaier by ReinhardMittermaier

This is a retrospect to the warm days of summer and the tranquility in the fields when the nature’s beauty reveals between the heat of the day and the mysteries of night life. My homeland is affected by the long tradition of wine making. This is a marvelous example of a typical view into the land. I hope you will enjoy it. via Tumblr