New on 500px : Happy New Year by fulllifephotoadventures by fulllifephotoadventures

A reindeer stands on a frozen lake, while the aurora borealis glows in the sky above; Lapland, Finland.

Happy new year! As the year progresses, I also wish you to discover, cherish, and enjoy the beautiful Nature of our planet.

Photo: Karim Sahai | Facebook | Instagram via Tumblr


New on 500px : Northern Twilight by Tompakk by Tompakk

Cold fingers, but I just had to capture this sunset at 1 pm right outside Gällivare, Sweden. via Tumblr

New on 500px : Siberian tit and fisherman’s fly by RistoAarneEdvardKernen by RistoAarneEdvardKernen

This is a very special pic. I’m a fly fisherman and I left some flies attached in a long stump. I had my camera ready and saw the tit trying to catch one of the flies. He succeeded in his efforts but found the hook a little to tough to bite and dropped it. via Tumblr