New on 500px : The night of fire by DaveGtRojas by DaveGtRojas

Erupción del volcán de Fuego del 12 de diciembre del 2015 en Guatemala via Tumblr

New on 500px : Looking at the colossus by DaveGtRojas by DaveGtRojas

Fuego volcano eruption (3.763 meters high) on 12 December, seen from the top of the Acatenango volcano. via Tumblr

New on 500px : Fuego by neusminnaar by neusminnaar

Fuego Volcano is an active volcano in Guatemala. Even though it’s always active, yearly you can observe at least 15 great eruptions. This was one of them. via Tumblr

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From the last eruption which took place in the summer 2015, six months has passed. The 3rd December the volcano awakened again by opening a new crater, named Pit Crater. The activity continued for several days consecutively.
I arranged with my cousin to climb the volcano, from the north side, to watch the phenomenon. Once we arrived at the Rifugio Citelli we started the path that would have led us to the mount Serracozzo.
The path was pretty sloping and therefore tiring, but once we reached the top of the mountain it was possible to admire a breathtaking spectacle. via Tumblr


New on 500px : Fire Dragon! – Glowing lava captured at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. by zeamany by zeamany

After being canceled one time due to bad weather, we finally took the helicopter trip on a good day. Luckily we found an active area where lava is flowing and glowing. Aerial photography is difficult and I’ve never done it before. This photograph was so attractive to me thanks to the mixture of glowing lava, grayish molten lava and black solidified lava rock – as if an angry dragon on fire, and moving slowly.

First time lava experience at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Big Island, HI, USA via Tumblr


New on 500px : Volcán de Fuego by DylanWard by DylanWard

The All inspiring Volcán de Fuego !
The hike to the summit of Acatenango was amazing! We had this beauty to admire all afternoon. via Tumblr

New on 500px : Calbuco Volcano, Chile. by fjnegroni by fjnegroni

Calbuco Volcano, Chile. All my works on sale in my webpage via Tumblr