New on 500px : 孤独之树 The Lone Tree by b44e71ad5491b945821dd1876809e6691 by b44e71ad5491b945821dd1876809e6691

The famous lone tree and reflection, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand. via Tumblr

New on 500px : The Tree by itwsabre1 by itwsabre1

Just west of Fargo, North Dakota stands a lone tree isolated on the prairie. I have driven by this tree for the past 30 years. Yesterday was the first snowfall of the winter season and I was able to capture this tree in all of its stark contrast to the new fallen snow. (This is not a black and white photo. The colors or lack thereof are true.)
It was a beautiful sight. via Tumblr

New on 500px : Blue Calm by pete-williams by pete-williams

I ventured out to the New Forest at the weekend hoping for clear skies and calm conditions. I went to one of my usual spots aiming to get a couple of star stacks but the clouds came rolling in.

This was one of the single shots taken before it got too cloudy. Taken on the bank of a smallish pond. My aim was to get a symmetrical image with the single tree and stars reflecting in the water.

Thanks for looking via Tumblr