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Sunset in the Namib desert. In this frame you can see the two sides of this sunset. On the right side the sun doesn´t reach the blue/grey sky anymore while on the left side the sunset is still in his yellow / orange phase. It was great to observe this while having the camera setup with a 90 degree angle to the direct sunlight. This area is close to the border of the Skeleton national parc in the northwest region of Namibia. In the lower season it can happen that you do not see any other human beings for days. One of my favourite areas in Namibia because you can also observe desert elephants in this region if you are lucky. The tree on the left side is standing in the middle of an epidemic stream. This is the reason for the sand line to the hill in the foreground on the left side. Must be great to see water in such an epidemic stream … coming out of nothing. via Tumblr