New on 500px : Ready for take-off by kaunisto_pasi by kaunisto_pasi

Photographed Sandhill Cranes in New Mexico a couple of weeks ago. Followed especially their landings and take-offs. Take-offs were full of rituals which they followed every single time. This photo captured the very last moment before they started to run for take-off. via Tumblr

New on 500px : The beauty by mrdreamor by mrdreamor

New edited photographed of our beautiful Tornado near Milnesand and Dora in New Mexico on May 29th 2015. An epic lifetime event…
(c) Marco Rank, via Tumblr

New on 500px : White Sands Sometimes Become Purple at Sunset by RobertBohrer by RobertBohrer

This was taken a few years ago at White Sands National Monument in the summer when wildfires were sweeping through the American southwest. Due to the particulate matter in the sky from the fires, the sunset was much redder than normal, and this had the effect of making the snow-white sand appear purple as the sun touched the horizon. via Tumblr