New on 500px : ” Into the unknown ” by Rebas_XC by Rebas_XC


there was a trail lost in the woods. Wrapped in a lighty mist a fable take the look
forwarding it to lullaby stories .
While dreaming in the middle of the environment around him , drop after drop was start to gave proof of their harvest .
Satiated in such a blessing , he made his way sailing on a mat made by autumn , paddling into the unknown .

Exif: | DF: 28mm | E: 1/25 seg. | A: F/6.3 | Iso 100 | LR | PS |

© RRebelo Photo via Tumblr


New on 500px : In the hell by JoseMoreira1 by JoseMoreira1

Poço do Inferno (Hell Pit) cascade. This natural waterfall is about 10 meters high and sometimes turns into ice during the more stringent winter. It’s a geological monument with a extreme beauty and one of the most interesting points of this location, being in cause of that one of the ex-libris of Manteigas Municipality and also from Serra da Estrela (Star Mountain). via Tumblr