New on 500px : Seeking light by albertoguinea by albertoguinea

Seeking light by Alberto Guinea / LucrOit Photographer.

Que mejor manera de empezar el año que buscando luces?
Embalse de El Burguillo. via Tumblr


New on 500px : __ROSES IN THE RAIN.__ by Thybruns by Thybruns

We don’t mind if clouds descend or if skys are gray
…When rain drops glisten , why sit and listen
Behind our window pane
Let’s stroll out yonder , so we can wander
Thru roses in the rain

We’ll watch the showers , that kiss the flowers.
Perhaps we’ll do the same.
And I am hopin’ , your heart will open .
Like roses in the rain…
(Lyrics by Al Frisch, Fred Wise / Music by Frankie Carle)
Frank Sinatra – 1947 via Tumblr


New on 500px : Lonely Ukrainian lakehouse by horkins by horkins

Once at web i’ve seen the photo with lakehouse, and there was written that this shanty at Finland… Later my friend Iris_fox told me that this is hunting hut finds at her village Ancient Solotvyn. So i ride there to explore it :)) Thanks to my friend Iris_fox) Much kisses)) via Tumblr