New on 500px : Liquid of life by MartinKrajczy by MartinKrajczy

Liquid of life in the Namib desert. We did follow this thunderstorm for a few hours . The rain fall was always on our left hand side. It was great to observe it moving through the desert building a stripe of grass. After a few hours we nearly had to drive through… tough winds were coming up out of nothing and the silence of the hot desert during afternoon suddenly was gone. It was just awesome to observe the nature forces at work. Since that i know why you drive for hours through a dry landscape with no animals and suddenly there are hundreds of them…. such a thunderstorm happend exactly there 2-3 weeks ago…a miracle of life — Re-mastered version of a shot taken in March this year in the Namib desert via Tumblr

New on 500px : A rainy day in the woods by ckelle-dingel by ckelle-dingel

Rain and fog – a very special mood in the forest.

Un jour de pluie dans la forêt via Tumblr


New on 500px : Golden Magic by MartinKrajczy by MartinKrajczy

In life everybody tells you not to look back…look forward. This is different in photography. When i was driving up the first hills after Gulfoss in Iceland i saw some golden glow in the mirror of my car. So i stopped and looked back. It was a rainy day and out of nothing there were some holes in the clouds which let the sun come through . It was an unbelievable light so it took the time to do some shots. It was well invested because a few kilometers later i had to stop my tour and turn back as the road in the highlands was closed. On the right hand side of the picture you see some mist. But it is not the rain. It is the mist of Gulfoss. Adds another dimension to this waterfall if you can see the mist from so far away. via Tumblr