New on 500px : Oriental Garden Lizard by AbhishekSingh2 by AbhishekSingh2

He was friendly enough to give pose 😉 via Tumblr

New on 500px : Dog-toothed cat snake by Manoj-kumar by Manoj-kumar

Dog-toothed cat snake – boiga cynodon via Tumblr

New on 500px : Phylladryas Baroni 3 (Sorry Mary Another Snake) by trevowen44 by trevowen44

Snakes are by far not my favourite animal, but this one has a cute nose.
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© Trevor Owen photography 2015 via Tumblr

New on 500px : Peloponnese wall lizard look interested by bepenwilfrid by bepenwilfrid

Peloponnese wall lizard (Podarcis peloponnesiacus) not afraid of me, looks interested via Tumblr