New on 500px : A Very Happy New Year 2016 by SrihariYamanoor by SrihariYamanoor

From the Winter Wonderland of Yosemite, a Very Happy New Year, 2016 via Tumblr

New on 500px : Milky Way over Shenandoah (re-edit) by by_shan by by_shan

This is a 2×6 Pano stitch, I posted the original version 3 months ago here; at the time I wasn’t 100% happy with the edit as there was visible vignette along the stiching border from the 14mm wide angle. Finally got some time to re-edit it.. Changes are subtle but I am happy with the end results. Thanks for viewing, hope you enjoy. Please press “M” to see the image in better quality.

Leave me a comment or two so I can get back to you, your works are great inspirations to me, my dear friends! and happy holidays! via Tumblr


New on 500px : Milky Way Watchman by EricBenedetti by EricBenedetti

The Milky Way rises over The Watchman near Zion National Park in Utah. via Tumblr