New on 500px : The Giants by KellyHeadrick by KellyHeadrick

Hoping for more waves like this from Jan of 2014. 50 foot waves hit the north shore of Oahu via Tumblr

New on 500px : Riding amid the Poseidon’s anger! by MentaludixBfa by MentaludixBfa

Is it a real Horse Riding among the waves or is it a mirage?

Some time ago I had this idea in mind but had not been given the necessary conditions to make it happen. We begin this week with strong winds and storms wich produces episodes of rough sea with spectacular waves. Once the storm finished I went to the impressive Cala Friars of Lloret de Mar, my city, where I enjoyed an overwhelming and fascinating spectacle. I did not mind get wet or take some risks, this is the essence of photography and what makes us hopelessly addicted to this exciting activity. And when the result is satisfactory, there is nothing comparable! …

Es un caballo real cabalgando en medio de las olas o es un espejismo?
Llevaba tiempo con esta idea en mente pero no se habían dado las condiciones necesarias para obtenerla. Iniciamos esta semana con fuertes vientos y tormentas, el temporal resultante produjo episodios de mar muy alterado con olas espectaculares. Amainada la tormenta me dirigí a la impresionante Cala dels Frares de Lloret de Mar, mi ciudad, donde disfruté de un espectáculo sobrecogedor y fascinante. No me importó acabar mojado o tomar algunos riesgos, esta es la esencia de la fotografía y lo que nos hace irremediablemente adictos a este apasionante actividad. Y cuando el resultado es satisfactorio, no hay nada comparable!… via Tumblr


New on 500px : 100 Million Volts by YuriFineart by YuriFineart

How to photograph lightning tutorial:

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Taken from a save balcony during a summer lightning storm just a few hundret meters away with following settings: Canon

600d Canon 18-55mm kit lens @ 53mm on a tripod, ISO 100, F11 and 11 seconds shutter speed, check out the video tutorial for more info:


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