New on 500px : Hielo by marianosola1 by marianosola1


New on 500px : Santa Cruz Sunrise by martinknoll07 by martinknoll07

December Winter Sunrise in Santa Cruz. The Light was beautiful! via Tumblr

New on 500px : Sunrise on Cerro Torre – Fitz Roy range by wernervansteen by wernervansteen

Sunrise on Cerro Torre – Fitz Roy mountain range (Patagonia/Argentina).
It was one of those days that ALL elements came together: high clouds, gorgeous red colored sunrise, fresh snow on the mountains after 2 days of bad weather and close to no wind (which is very rare in Patagonia !)
For this image I took 51 individual frames that I stitched together to create this 1,4 GB big panorama photo. via Tumblr

New on 500px : Touch The Sky by jonolmstead by jonolmstead

Ocean waters gently touching shore along Natural Bridges State Beach during sunrise via Tumblr

New on 500px : Cerro Torre sunburst by wernervansteen by wernervansteen

Marion and I had such a wonderfull time in Patagonia. We met again very lovely people in the small village of El Chalten and we were sooooo lucky with the weather !! The famous mountains Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy were visible on many many days during our 3 weeks stay ; we feel so fortunate !!
For this shot I started walking at 1am. Funny because there was still a lot of party going on in some of the bars in El Chalten smile emoticon Upon arriving at the spot from where I took this photo, it was still dark and freezing cold. I prepared some warm tea and dressed up in down clothes and waited for the sun to rise. It didn’t look promising at the beginning with clouds hiding the summit of Cerro Torre and many more clouds pushing into my view. But only minutes after the summit cleared and powerful sun rays spread onto the grant face of Cerro Torre ! I was so happy !!
Canon 5D Mk III, Zeiss 135mm f2 Apo Sonar ZE lens via Tumblr