Which One of These is Sasha Obama’s Secret Twitter?

In his first joint campaign appearance with Hillary Clinton, prominent narc Barack Obama let slip that his daughter, Sasha Obama, tweets. Meaning that Sasha’s covert days on Twitter are just about over.

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First Fatality On A U.S. Bike-Share Bicycle Has Just Happened: Reports

A 25-year-old woman was killed in Chicago Friday morning when a commercial truck crushed the bike-share bicycle she was riding, reports say. She appears to be the first fatality in any bike-share incident in the U.S.
since such programs were introduced in 2007.

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Man Killed In Self-Driving Tesla Recorded Video Of Autopilot Saving Him From A Crash

Just one month before he became the first person to die behind the wheel of a self-driving car
, Joshua Brown recorded a video of his Tesla Model S’ autopilot saving him from a crash. At least, that’s how he described it.

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Water Scientist Donald Trump on Fixing California’s Drought: “Start Opening Up the Water”

At a rally in Fresno, California today, newfound irrigation expert Donald Trump finally revealed the solution to the drought that’s been crippling California for the past five years: Turn the water back on, idiots.

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Tesla Is Developing A Growth Team With Hires From Facebook And Uber

Earlier this year, Tesla managed to snag Praveen Arichandran as a new Director of Growth Programs from a similar role he held at Facebook. The automaker has now revealed it is assembling a “growth team” similar to that of Facebook and Uber through recent job listings, suggesting the brand’s eyes for expansion continue to grow wider.

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Peeps Are Out of Control

When I was a child, Peeps were Daylight Saving for my soul. As the days grew warmer, the technicolor hues of the marshmallow candy began sprouting on drugstore shelves, the confectionery equivalent of daffodils and tulips.

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How A Tiny Croatian Electric Hypercar Company Could Change Transportation Forever

When Croatian electric supercar startup Rimac presented its first prototype, it had eight employees. Today, Rimac is a team of 150, with clients like world-beating hypercar company Koenigsegg, and products like the Concept One
, a 1,088 horsepower electric supercar retailing for $1 million. Yet their confidential projects are even more fascinating, even if we can’t really talk about them.

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