William Gibson’s ‘Hinterlands’ Is Becoming a Multimedia Animated Franchise

The hand-drawn animation studio Last Studio Standing just announced plans to adapt William Gibson’s scifi story “Hinterlands” into a short film and a television series, with a potential second TV series that could spin off the first.

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America’s Nuclear Weapons Labs Are Safety Nightmares

As dangerous as nuclear weapons are, you’d think the management running them would prioritize safety. This is not the case at all.

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Broadway Production Of 1984 Is Causing Audience Members to Faint, Vomit And Get in Fights

Well-heeled audiences are really having a hard time stomaching the new Broadway adaptation of 1984, with reports that viewers are fainting, vomiting and…getting in fights with each other as a result of its more alarming scenes. Finally, a theatrical production befitting of the times!

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Take a Detailed Look at Every Tiny Aspect of the Silicon Valley Credits Sequence

Like all HBO opening sequences, the Silicon Valley credits are a remarkable little world unto themselves. I’ve seen the segment dozens of times, but until I watched this breakdown I had no idea how much of technology’s recent history is packed into the short clip.

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How One Man Overcame Blindness and Started an Audiobook Show for New Scifi and Fantasy

In early 2015, 33-year-old Chris Herron was declared legally blind, and was told he had an 80-percent chance of losing his sight entirely in three months. Now, he’s almost fully recovered, and has launched an audiobook channel that helps scifi and fantasy authors… just like how they once helped him.

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The Next Spider-Man Film Will Be the Civil War of Marvel’s Phase Four

The only film that currently has a release date after 2019's mysterious fourth Avengers movie is the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. And, according to producer Kevin Feige, it was planned that way so Spider-Man could kick off the new incarnation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Unboxing the Mystery That Is the ‘Klingon Jedi’ Action Figure

There’s an action figure that’s been making the rounds on Twitter, mostly because it’s so illogical it couldn’t possibly exist in our world. In short, it’s Lieutenant Worf… Master Jedi.

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