New on 500px : David and Goliath by MarselvanOosten by MarselvanOosten

Sebastian, the bravest guide in Zambia.

Lower Zambezi National Park.

If you would like to join us on our Beyond The Great Rivers tour to Zambia, and meet this brave man yourself, we have 3 openings left on this year’s second Zambia safari: Beyond The Great Rivers

Hope to see you there!



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New on 500px : __Listening to the colours__ by ReinhardMittermaier by ReinhardMittermaier

This was a capture made by chance. One summer evening I was looking for some sunflower fields. On the way back home the light changed and painted some marvelous clouds in the evening sky. The mix of the colours was overwhelming. I digitally enhanced the hue and saturation, but just to recover the image in my mind. I like this schiller and I hope you like it too. It was a very blissful moment of tranquility and easiness. via Tumblr