New on 500px : Lupine flowers by cyrustr by cyrustr

Photographer Andrey Kozlov
Фотограф Андрей Козлов via Tumblr

New on 500px : Deep blue by puteufel by puteufel

At the moment I am trying to get rid of quite a few old photos which I no longer like in order to get more space on my hard disk.
Sometimes I also stumble upon an oldie that I still like. This is one of them. I was so amazed about the deep blue of the spring gentian that I decided to present it by the end of autumn. via Tumblr

New on 500px : Blue Flax by sanddbanakas by sanddbanakas

All flax species are noted for their value in erosion control and beautification. The family was introduced from Eurasia. It is an annual or short liver woody shrub with flowers ranging in color from white to blue. I found this one growing in an abandoned horse trough while on a recent trip to southwestern Virginia. via Tumblr

New on 500px : Transition by staylorphd by staylorphd

A wildflower changes from its summer bloom to its autumn seed stage as golden leaves lay by a glistening, flowing river in the background via Tumblr