New on 500px : Miracle Cloud ! (ក្រុងភ្នំពេញ) by MardySuongPhotography by MardySuongPhotography

Photo by: Mardy Suong Photography
Sony ILCE-7R + Zeiss FE 16-35mm f/4
SP:1/100, ISO: 100, F/6.3

Miracle Cloud !

It was an amazing moment with a rare cloud during sunset behind, anyway I got this shot somewhere around suburb of Dangkor commune, Phnom Penh cith on November 23th, 2015.


As I am a Sony Alpha user, I would like to express my feeling for A7 Series camera that I like:
– Size and weight very light and easier to grab for my hand and more handy
– Silent shutter, BSI sensor 5 axis in-body stabilization and the possibility to use also with E-mount, A-mount and all brands.
– Visualize directly in viewfinder how the image will end up. I don’t have to verify it all the time, I am more confident in your settings, I save a lot of time, As I can see what your picture will exactly.
– Focus Peaking highlights the edges of the subject which is in focus, it’s really useful for me.
– Whether I shoot macro, wildlife, concerts or whatever, it’s a very convenient means to get original angles and more creative pictures on the ground or above a crowd.
– Image Quality and Sensor Performances.
– The NFC and WiFi feature is to be able to use one’s smartphone as a smart remote and copy image. In fact, I don’t have to stand behind my camera to take the picture.
– The short distance between the sensor and the lens is one of mirrorless’ best advantages. It allows the use of whichever lens I want via an adapter. There are adapters for all existing brands.
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